Hackney Food Bank

St Thomas Church hosts a distribution point for Hackney Foodbank every Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm in its Garden Room.

It is one of Hackney Foodbank’s busiest distribution points, regularly providing food for around 20 - 30 individuals and families over the course of the evening. In fact it seemed at one point that it might need to suspend operations because of the lack of volunteers to help run it.

However, through a partnership with Clapton Commons Hackney Foodbank has been able to recruit additional volunteers to keep the session going.

Hackney Foodbank’s director Gail Curry says: “as a volunteer led organisation we need these community relationships to sustain our operation. We also accept donations if people prefer to give that way!”

It’s clear that there are people who want to volunteer locally for the Common Good. Clapton Commons seeks to match these people with initiatives that need help.

How can I get involved?

For information on how to volunteer at the Foodbank please contact info@hackney.foodbank.org.uk or Tel 020 7254 2464